Welcome to 2018.

We have just stepped into a new year, which means millions of people will be buying gym memberships and by the second week of February only 20 percent of those new members will remain. 

Wanting to get in shape is a great resolution to have going into the new year, but what people fail to realize is that going to the gym is not the only way to become a better you. 

The percentage of people working out at home has been growing rapidly. As technology continues to expand more people will be trading in their gym memberships for yoga mats and ipads, and I cant blame them. 

Here are 7 reasons why its better to workout at home.

Saves Money


Gym memberships are expensive. The average gym membership cost between $40 and $50 a month, not including the additional fees thrown in their such as initiation and cancellation fees. 

Working out at home is a very affordable alternative and can cost as low as 7.99 a month with no hidden fees.


Saves time

The best thing about working out at home in my opinion is the amount of time you save throughout the day.

 I am a very busy person, so finding the time to get to the gym is a struggle for me. 

Now that I switched to working out at home I have found the time to workout 5 days a week without any issues.

 If you have a family, go to school, and or work long hours, then you should be thinking about working out at home.



Have you ever gone out of your way to go to the gym only to realize that the gym was closed or that your program was canceled for the day?

This scenario would never happen if you just decided to workout at home that day. 

You can roll out of bed and go straight to the living room to begin your workout, whereas at the gym you would need to drive 15-30 minutes, praying that whatever program you wanted to do is available at that time.

Image result for money gym


When you workout at home you don’t have to worry about how you look, what noises you’re making, if your music is too loud, or how weird your face might look when you’re doing you’re stretching.

You get something out of working out at home that you just cant get from working out at the gym and that’s PRIVACY.

       No dirty exercise equipment

If you’re a germaphobe like me then going to a public gym is a NIGHTMARE. 

During flu season it is inevitable that you end up using a machine that has been sneezed on about 14 times before you get to it.

Most gyms rely on their members to wipe off the equipment themselves, and i just don’t have that kind of trust in people. 

Skip the gym and workout at home so you can bathe in your own sweat.


     You can workout with the enitre family

One of the best perks that come from working out at home is that you can get the entire family involved. 

Some gyms don’t allow kids to workout, but by working out at home theirs no need for a babysitter just have your kids join the workout! 

Image result for home workout with family


There are workout classes at the gym such as zumba, spin class, and yoga, but the times these classes are available may not fit your schedule.

 By working out home you create your own schedule. 


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