10 Best Exercises For Burning Fat

The best way to lose weight? Eat less (or healthier) and exercise more in order to create a daily calorie deficit that forces your body to burn body fat as fuel. Here are ten of the best multi joint, full body exercises to burn fat:

1. Walking – Walking may not burn the most calories, but it is a great place to start. No equipment required other than comfortable shoes and it meets the basic fat burning requirements – get the major muscles groups moving. Brisk walking burns about 300 to 400 calories per hour.


2. Running – Once you begin to improve your fitness level, advance from walking to jogging and eventually running. You will burn more calories in a shorter period of time. Invest in good running shoes to help protect your joints from injury. Running burns about 600 calories per hour.


3. Swimming – Swimming laps is a low impact exercise that requires constant movement of all of your major muscle groups. This full body workout burns about 600 calories per hour.

4. Cycling – If you have access to a bicycle or stationary bike, you can pedal away about 600 calories per hour. A spinning class can increase that calorie burn by another 200 to 400 calories thanks to the increase in intensity.

5. Rowing – If you have access to a rowing machine, this full body exercise will burn nearly 800 calories per hour.

6. Jumping Rope – This simple, inexpensive tool can help you burn in excess of 1000 calories per hour, although few can jump for this length of time. You will have to start by practicing and perfecting your skipping in 2 – 3 minute periods and build on this base. Focus on keeping your arms close to your body and jumping just high enough so that you clear the rope.

7. Goblet Squats – When choosing individual exercises to include in your fat burning workout, look for movements that work large muscle groups like squats. Goblet squats front load the weight (plate or kettlebell) and allows your upper body to remain upright and reduces stress on your back and spine. This simple movement works every muscle and joint from your shoulders down to your ankles and burns about 15 calories per minute.

8. Walking Lunges – This is an excellent full body strength and stability exercise that you should consider adding to the end of your workouts. Lunges across the floor will improve your hip mobility, strengthen your knees, burn fat (about 15 calories per minute), and improve your overall strength and cardio conditioning.

9. Plyometrics – Plyometrics, like box jumps, provide a full body workout and stimulates your larger fast-twitch muscles fibers and burns more fat. Increasing the height of the box based on your skill level, mobility and fitness level will increase intensity and calorie burning. Plyometrics can burn 10 – 20 calories per minute, that’s 100 – 200 calories in ten minutes depending on your body weight and intensity.

10. Kickboxing – Kickboxing training combines a variety of calorie burning movements into one intense session. A 45 minute training session will burn over 800 calories through a combination of calisthenics, body weight exercises, sparring, and rope jumping. Kickboxing training may be the most fun and efficient way to reach your fat loss and fitness goals. To learn more, visit Strikefitonline.com.


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