3 Quick Workouts You Can Do at Home  

It can be easy to excuse yourself from working out because the gym is too far, too expensive, or you simply don’t have time. The truth is that you don’t need the gym to get into shape. You can work out from home even if you don’t have any equipment! Your body can provide plenty of weight and resistance to help you burn fat and gain muscles. Many people have built impressive amounts of lean muscle simply through bodyweight exercise routines, so there’s no reason not to give it a shot. There are dozens of high intensity exercises that can be done with nothing but your own body, but we have narrowed it down to three of the most effective exercises for those on a tight schedule.


The pushup is one of the oldest and most effective exercises known to man due to its ability to engage multiple muscle groups. Pushups will strengthen your chest, arms, shoulders, and core, making them the perfect combination upper body workout. You’ll want to start with your arms shoulder width apart, and as you lower your body to the ground, make sure to push your elbows back rather than out. Keeping your back flat throughout the exercise will engage your core. Once lowered to the ground, push yourself up and repeat the process. Perform as many reps as possible and do at least three sets. Once you’ve mastered the standard pushup, you can try more advanced variations such as the diamond pushup, decline pushup, and wide pushup. These will help to target different muscle groups and areas within the same muscles.


The squat is the ultimate lower body exercise as it targets all of the muscles in your legs as well as parts of your back. Squats can help with mobility and flexibility, and while they may be difficult to perform at first, it is common to be able to ramp up your squat abilities very quickly due to all of the muscles that they work. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and pointing slightly outwards. Lower yourself towards the ground as if you are about to sit in a chair. Using your glutes, push yourself upwards, making sure to keep your weight on the back of your feet. If needed, hold your hands outward or cross them over your chest for extra balance.


Burpees are the ultimate exercise for gaining strength and losing weight. These provide an intense cardio workout while also focusing on several muscle groups thanks to the pushup portion of the exercise. Start form a standing position and jump to the ground into the pushup position. Perform a standard pushup and bring your legs back up to your chest, standing back up as quickly as possible and jumping up as you reach your standing position. Repeat this entire process as many times as possible until you are worn out. You may only get a few burpees in during your first session, but you are sure to improve and you will see the benefits of this amazing exercise in no time!


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