5 Reasons Cardio Boxing Is The Most Effective Workout For Weight Loss


Are you still running several days a week trying to lose weight? Jogging, running, or cycling will eventually get you to your goal, but there is a more effective workout for weight loss – cardio boxing! Cardio boxing and cardio kickboxing combine a variety of high energy exercises that help you burn maximum calories as you tone your entire body including arms, shoulders, legs and core. Most 45 minute cardio kickboxing sessions burn a minimum of 800 calories, making it one of the most (if not THE most) effective workouts for weight loss.


What it is cardio boxing? You will learn many of the traditional moves of regular boxing, jabs, punches and defensive moves. But you will be fighting against an imaginary opponent, or a punching bag, training your body to perform like a boxer without the risk of injury. Cardio boxing will improve your speed, resistance, strength, flexibility and muscle reflex. Boxing training also improves balance and coordination as you burn calories and body fat.

Benefits Of Cardio Kickboxing


  1. Cardiovascular Health – Kickboxing training is a true cardio workout, moving your entire body to challenge your heart and lungs. The required intensity increases your metabolic rate and burns calories resulting in increased weight loss.


  1. Increased Lean Muscle – Punching, kicking, and jumping will strengthen and tone your muscles. You will constantly use your upper body, lower body, and core as you train and make contact with the heavy bag. Cardio boxing will give you a metabolic advantage as more lean muscle tissue promotes a higher metabolism, burning more calories every minute of every day.


  1. Balanced Hormones – As you continue to train and improve, you will experience positive hormonal changes. Your cortisol levels will decrease and your insulin levels will eliminate many of the swings that cause low blood sugar, cravings and overeating. As you rest and recover from your intense workouts, your body will produce additional human growth hormone to build muscle tissue and burn fat.


  1. Less Stress – Exercise decreases stress. Intense exercise like cardio boxing increases endorphins which boost your mood and improves sleep, all of which reduce stress. Less stress results in less “stress eating”, fewer calories and reduced risk of binge eating.


  1. Interval Training – Kickboxing training is the original interval training, often 2-3 minute rounds of high intensity exercises followed by moderate intensity recovery periods. Cardio boxing improves your body composition because it combines muscle-building strength training exercises with calorie-torching cardio.


Cardio boxing and cardio kickboxing work every part of your body and burns the most fat in the least amount of time. Regularly participating in a cardio boxing or cardio kickboxing program combined with a nutritious eating plan will produce the weight loss that you desire. Ready to get started? Visit strikefitonline.com to learn more.


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