This is Why You Don’t Go to the Gym

One of the hardest parts of beginning a workout routine is just that – the beginning. We often tell ourselves that we are going to get in shape after the holidays or before summer comes, but we fail to ever start a true disciplined regimen. Many people don’t even attempt to get to the gym, convincing themselves that they can get in shape at home more cheaply. Others pay for a membership, but only go a couple of times a month, contributing very little to their overall health. Why is that that despite our desire to be in better shape, it seems so difficult to drag ourselves to work out regularly? Here are some reasons why you may not be making it to the gym.

You are Picking the Wrong Time to Go

Everybody is different when it comes to working out, but if you look at any gym around 5-6pm, when the work day is over, that’s when the most people are there. While it’s better than not going at all, it can be ineffective for those who have long work days and are already exhausted by the time they get there. If you find it difficult to force yourself to work out at the end of the day, try waking up earlier and starting your day with a workout. This can sound miserable for those who love sleeping in, but the truth is that you will probably benefit from a boost in energy and have a better day if you start it out with exercise.

You Haven’t Made a Plan

If your only plan is that “I will eventually get into shape,” well, that doesn’t quite count as a plan at all. If you are serious about losing weight or gaining muscle, you should really map out the route that you want to take. Research which exercises are right for you and put them in a planner or in an app that holds you accountable for working out. If you know what you have to do and when you have to do it, you will be far more likely to get to the gym then if you just decide that you want to work out.

You Keep Making Excuses

Your arm hurts. Your dog needs to be walked. You have to finish that work project. You have social obligations. We’ve heard all the excuses in the book when it comes to skipping the gym. Sometimes, the excuses are valid, and you simply have something that is too important to ignore. However, if it’s been weeks or months since you’ve been to the gym, then that probably isn’t the case. Making excuses just allows us to keep coming up with reasons why we aren’t working out. Instead of making excuses to skip the gym, make the gym an excuse to skip something else. It will only take a few times and you’ll be happy that you’ve begun a strong routine rather than putting it off over and over again.


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