3 Reasons Why Cardio Kickboxing is One of the Most Effective Workouts

Cardio kickboxing is an intense, fast-paced, and highly beneficial workout that can be great for anybody looking to improve their overall health. Cardio kickboxing can help not only with your cardiovascular health but also with your body shape and size as well as with your strength and conditioning. People who take cardio kickboxing classes or perform it on their own generally report that they have a fun experience and that they see results almost immediately. There are 3 reasons why cardio kickboxing is such an effective exercise.

Optimal Weight Loss


Cardio kickboxing is a cardio workout with high impact, which is the most effective way to burn calories. Due to constant motion and the fact that you engage your entire body, you are burning calories at a higher rate than many other cardio workouts. An average sized person is estimated to burn 500 to 600 calories in an hour-long session. This is far more efficient than a treadmill, elliptical, or even swimming in some situations. This means that people who utilize cardio kickboxing workouts can more effectively lose weight, helping them to reach their goals faster than with other methods of exercise.

Total Body Workout


Kickboxing utilizes every set of muscle in your body, so in addition to losing weight rapidly because of calories burned, you will notice muscle tone and definition improve greatly. Everything from large muscle groups like the core and leg muscles to smaller groups are used during a cardio kickboxing workout, so you leave no stone unturned when you participate in one of these sessions. Engaging all of these muscle groups is shown to allow you to have balanced muscle growth across your entire body, giving you a natural but, toned look that will help you to gain confidence and feel better physically.

Improved Balance, Flexibility, and Coordination


Due to how much you’ll be using your core, you’ll also gain a better sense of balance, as these are the muscles that help you remain coordinated. You’ll be on one leg quite often as you do kicks, and you’ll learn about your limits and strengths, allowing you to focus on the areas that you want to improve. You also have to think and act quickly during kickboxing sections, which can help you with your overall hand-eye coordination, improving certain skills that may translate into other facets of your life such as sports and leisure. Most kickboxing classes and sessions also end with quite a bit of stretching, so you’ll notice that your overall flexibility will improve if you follow a cardio kickboxing regimen. By improving balance, flexibility, and coordination, you make each workout more effective, meaning that results will start to ramp up quickly after only a few sessions. Sticking with a cardio kickboxing routine is an excellent way to quickly and efficiently lose weight and increase muscle mass to get the body you’ve always been looking for.



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