5 Benefits of Cardio Striking Workouts


Cardio striking workouts are an exercise method that is continually gaining in popularity for good reason. Many gyms are now offering classes that focus on striking workouts, including things like boxing, kickboxing, and cardio kickboxing. The benefits are immense, and the classes are often more entertaining than a standard workout, so there are advantages to be had by everyone involved. Here are 5 benefits of Cardio Striking Workouts.

1.) Improved Cardiovascular Health


It is proven that cardio exercise helps to burn calories, eliminating fat and protecting you from heart disease. However, many people are turned off by the standard cardio exercises – treadmills, ellipticals, and stair climbers – because they don’t offer any entertainment value and are generally monotonous. Without Cardio Striking workouts, however, you can punch, jump, and kick, giving you a variety during your exercise and making for an overall more exciting session.

2.) Increased Body Strength


You aren’t just gaining cardio benefits from these strike workouts, you are also improving your body strength. Punching, kicking and jumping all require the use of large muscle groups, and as you practice a variety of them, you are working both your upper and lower body, as well as your core. Similar to HIIT exercises, these will help you to burn fat quickly while increasing muscle mass and strength levels.

3.) Body-Sculpting Properties


Cardio striking exercises help you to burn fat and gain muscle mass, meaning that you’ll be well on your way to the body that you want. Pure cardio may focus only on losing weight, meaning you’ll lose muscle mass and hurt your development. Strength-training only may not burn fat as much as you want so you won’t benefit from the combination provided by cardio striking workouts. By getting the best of both worlds, you’ll more quickly and more efficiently be getting yourself in that proper beach body that you’ve been looking for.

4.) More Overall Energy


Because there is such a focus on the core with cardio striking exercises, you’ll soon be gaining more overall energy. Focusing on the core means that your body is constantly adjusting to new levels of speed and force, adapting to make you stronger and more energetic. If you follow a disciplined regimen of regular cardio striking workouts, your overall energy levels will increase, and you’ll have the urge to continue to perform these workouts, creating a positive cycle. You’ll also experience energy immediately after some workouts, with the rush of endorphins giving you a great, happy feeling.


5.) Better Balance and Coordination


In addition to getting stronger and leaner, you’ll also improve your balance and coordination while quickening your reflexes. A good core workout requires balance, and that will start improving with every exercise you perform. By working to engage your muscles in a quick matter, you’ll begin to learn the ins and outs of kickboxing, fine-tuning your skills and contributing to your overall strength and coordination, providing you with lifelong benefits that can be used in all aspects of life.


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