6 Surprising Fat Loss Facts

Losing fat is something that most people aspire to do. Nobody likes to see excess fat on their bodies, so they will sometimes go to extreme lengths to lose it. However, there are many myths and exaggerations out there when it comes to fat loss, so it is important to understand the right and wrong ways to lose fat. Here are 6 surprising facts about fat loss that may have you reconsidering your exercise and diet plan.


Eating Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat


Thanks to the low-fat and no-fat trends that boomed in the 1980s and 1990s, many people still believe that dietary fat leads to weight gain. This is simply not true, and fat is an important part of any diet. What really leads to weight gain is excessive consumption of calories. You need to burn more calories than you consume in order to lose weight. Eating healthy, satiating fats such as fish, nuts, and olive oils can help keep you full on a smaller number of calories.


Training Abs Won’t Burn Fat


If you are spending hours training your abs every day just to get a six-pack, stop! You already have a six pack, but for most people, it is hidden under a layer of fat. Ab training alone won’t burn the fat around your belly – you need a balanced mix of strength training, cardio, and a healthy diet in order to show that washboard off.


Fat Loss is a 60 Billion Dollar Industry


That’s right, with all the products and programs out there, fat loss is very profitable. Unfortunately, many of these items don’t work and have no scientific proof or personal evidence of success. Of the 108 million people that try a new diet every year, only 20% of them report any results. It’s best to avoid “get thin quick” schemes or new miracle diets.


Cardio Alone Won’t Help You


When you first start cardio, you may lose a few pounds, but as you become more conditioned, your weight loss levels will taper off. You need to do cardio for your heart, but it should be combined with strength training or HIIT workouts in order to burn fat more efficiently. Keeping your exercises diverse will help push your body to burn more calories and shed more fat.


You Can’t Lose Fat Cells


Fat cells live for 7 years. When they die, new cells grow to replace them. So, when you “lose fat” you aren’t actually getting rid of fat cells. The cells themselves are simply becoming smaller as you work out and eat more healthily.


Dieting is Not the Answer


Many people think they can go on a diet to lose all that fat. They may be right in the short-term, but the fact is that 97% of dieters regain all of their lost weight within 3 years of finishing their diet. Weight loss is about an overall lifestyle change, not a quick fix that is then replaced by poor lifestyle choices once results are seen.



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